Can-Am Upland Game Vehicle

Can-Am Upland Game Vehicle

Can-Am's Upland Game Vehicle takes the six-person Defender Max and turns it into an offroader ready to spend days afield on the hunt. The Upland Game Vehicle features Can-Am's roof rack and power tilt bed along with a Linq tool and gun holder. The bed has a custom-built box with sliding drawers and loadout rack, along with a Yeti cooler and two kennels to take along your two best friends. Powder coating, paint, and vinyl wrap are all specific to the build, with 32-inch tires to handle rough terrain. The one-off Upland Game Vehicle will be auctioned off during the 2021 pheasant hunting season with all proceeds going to the South Dakota Habitat Fund.

The HD7 Engine (52 hp / 41 lb-ft torque) is the king of the mid-cc class! The break-in period, early maintenance and frequent valve adjustments are all things of the past. The powerpack design delivers an improved riding experience, with less noise & vibration.

Comfort isn’t just about the driver's seat. It’s advanced comfort for all day group riding. Intuitive cockpit with optimized visibility and additional lateral support with reinforced seat skin make for effortless hopping in and out. Underside hooks, Flip-up seat and adjustable driver's seat? You got those too. Comfort is king.

Unload at the push of a button

Industry-leading cargo box of 4.5 x 6 ft long - with 1,000 lb (454 kg) cargo box capacity, an easy flat-bed conversion and a hydraulic power tilt bed - there’s no limit. This multi-function cargo box can be customize any way you want.

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