5 Top Rated Hunting Backpacks Reviewed

5 Top Rated Hunting Backpacks Reviewed

A reliable hunting backpack is a must-have for any serious hunter. It serves as a vital companion, providing storage, organization, and comfort during your hunt. Here we will explore the top five hunting backpacks on the market, including renowned brands like Exo Mountain Gear and Stone. Each backpack offers unique features and advantages, ensuring you have the perfect gear-carrying solution for your hunting needs.

Exo Mountain Gear K3 4800

Exo Mountain Gear is synonymous with high-quality backpacks, and the K3 4800 is a prime example. With an impressive 4,800 cubic inches of storage capacity, it accommodates all your hunting essentials. The K3 4800's innovative frame design and suspension system provide exceptional load-carrying capabilities while ensuring optimal comfort during long treks. Crafted with durability in mind, this backpack will withstand the ruggedness of the wilderness.

Stone Glacier Sky 5900

The Stone Glacier Sky 5900 is a top-tier hunting backpack known for its functionality and comfort. With a generous 5,900 cubic inches of storage capacity, it offers ample room for your gear. This backpack's lightweight design and advanced suspension system make it ideal for extended hunting trips in demanding terrains. The Sky 5900's versatility extends to its load-carrying system, allowing you to transport heavy loads with ease.

Metcalf - Foliage (Head On) (Zoomed Image)

Mystery Ranch Metcalf

Mystery Ranch is a renowned name in the hunting gear industry, and the Metcalf backpack lives up to its reputation. Boasting 4,100 cubic inches of storage capacity, it provides ample space for your hunting gear and supplies. The Metcalf features a unique three-zipper design, ensuring quick and easy access to your essentials. Its adjustable suspension system and padded waist belt contribute to a comfortable fit during long hunts.

Badlands 2200

The Badlands 2200 is a feature-rich hunting backpack designed for durability and functionality. With a capacity of 2,200 cubic inches, it offers sufficient space for your hunting essentials. One standout feature is the built-in meat shelf, allowing you to transport game efficiently. The AirTrack Suspension system enhances comfort and airflow, keeping you cool during intense hunts.

Alps OutdoorZ Commander

The Alps OutdoorZ Commander backpack combines affordability with reliability. With a capacity of 5,250 cubic inches, it offers ample storage space for your gear. The detachable frame design allows for versatility, as it can be used as a standalone frame pack or a freighter frame for hauling heavy loads. The Commander is well-suited for hunters who require a rugged and functional backpack without breaking the bank.


The Exo Mountain Gear K3 4800, Stone Glacier Sky 5900, Mystery Ranch Metcalf, Badlands 2200, and Alps OutdoorZ Commander are among the best hunting backpacks available today. Each backpack offers unique features, storage capacities, and advantages to cater to different hunting styles and preferences. Consider your specific needs, load-carrying requirements, and budget to choose the perfect backpack for your hunting escapades. With any of these top-rated hunting backpacks, you'll have a reliable companion for your next hunt.

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